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Classical Education in the Shadow of the Cross


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Our goal at Mott Media has always been to deliver the highest quality products to our customers. A big part of attaining that goal is ensuring our physical products arrive in your hands in perfect condition. If we ever discover a book that contains physical imperfections of any kind, we immediately remove it from our inventory. Recently, we decided rather than letting these products go to waste, we would offer them to you at a heavily discounted rate. You can now shop some of our most popular titles up to 50% off! 

We guarantee that every one of these titles, while they may contain minor scuffs or scratches, are void of any damages that affect the use of the product. 

Supplies are very limited so don't wait; click below and give these misfit books a home today!

Classical Curriculum Workbooks are Back! 

The Classical Curriculum workbooks are back in a new format! Now you can download every Classical Curriculum workbook directly from our website and have access in seconds! Offering these products exclusively in digital format is not only more convenient but also cuts cost significantly. You can now get each CC Workbook for only $7.99, and if you purchase a complete set of either the Reading, Writing, or Arithmetic workbooks, you can save $1.50 on each book in the series! Click the button below for more information on these exceptional materials!

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New Sowers Series Ebooks Available Now! 

We are excited to offer 19 of our Sowers Series titles in digital form, with more to follow! Experience the classical style of our paperback Sowers in a more versatile format. Our team went to great lengths to preserve the beautiful, hand-drawn images found in each Sowers book in order to give our readers the same, authentic experience that many have come to love about the Sowers Series without compromising on quality. Now you can take your Sowers book with you wherever you go!  Don't wait, start enjoying these titles today!  

*Use code "EBOOKS" to Receive 15% off

*Each ebook is compatible with all IOS and Android devices

Our first Sower Series study guides are here with more on the way! 

Help your student dive deeper into the lives of George Washington Carver and Abigail Adams with this comprehensive guide that accompanies our Sower Series books. Each section includes integrative comprehension questions that will challenge your student to analyze the text and make connections with history, science, and the Bible. The study guides also include an answer key and supplementary resources for the instructor, including a timeline, project contract, and grading rubric.


This guide comes in PDF format which means you will have immediate access to this wonderful product as soon as you complete your purchase! Visit our product page to see a preview of the first few pages and use code "ADAMS" at checkout to receive 30% off!

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Ray's for Today offers the rigorous and uncompromising content of the original Ray's New Arithmetic series in an updated format. It recreates the classical teaching in an age-appropriate and contemporary manner while still keeping the emphasis on oral language, mental math, and math reasoning. This curriculum is designed to help students understand the "why" behind each mathematical principle rather than simply having them memorize a conglomeration of facts. Each lesson is accompanied by several practice problems in order to help students fully grasp the concepts presented. Ray's for Today is guaranteed to help your child/student develop a better understanding and deeper appreciation of arithmetic. 


The goal is to build a deep, yet practical understanding of math.

Levels 1-6 are now available!

"... I wanted to find a curriculum that went back to the old ways of teaching math. I was excited when I called Mott Media and found out they had a new program ready for teaching based on Ray’s original textbooks. I love this program. ..."

L.M., South Carolina

Upcoming Releases

Learn more about the great men and women who helped shape American culture through our new Sower Series Study Guides! These guides act as a valuable supplement to our beloved Sower Series books. Upon the completion of each chapter, students will be presented with questions from 7 different categories (vocabulary & spelling, reading comprehension, literary analysis, biblical application, life principles, history & geography, and science) designed to help improve critical thinking. These guides are essential for any parent or teacher looking to educate their children on the great figures of the past while also teaching them to apply their knowledge to various areas of study.  Reintroduce your child to the joy of reading and leave the lesson planning to us!

*Each Study Guide will come in a PDF format for immediate access. 

*Abigail Adams & George Washington Carver study guides available now! 

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New Releases Coming Soon!

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