Back to the Classics

Then They Had . . .

  • High Literacy and Achievement

  • Non-graded Individualized Teaching

  • Emphasis on the Three R's

  • Thinking Skills

  • Moral Content in all Curriculum

The Results Were . . .

  • Phenomenal Industrial and Scientific Advancement

  • High Productivity in the Work Force

  • Biblical, Moral, and Human Values

  • National Pride and Loyalty

  • Great Spiritual Revivals

About Us

Mott Media's Classic Curriculum is a unique marriage of the values and principles of the 19th century and modern technology and teaching methods. Mott Media's founder, the late George Mott, spent years researching the history of education to find a curriculum which would give children a "Back to Basics" program of learning.


The result of that research is the Classic Curriculum: McGuffey's Readers, Ray's Arithmetics, Harvey's Grammars, and Spencerian Penmanship, which holds to the 19th century philosophy of education. In 1974 George Mott established Mott Media to begin the process of bringing back the "classics."


Building on this classic foundation, other educational materials from noted authors such as Ruth Beechick were added. These resources thoroughly establish children in these “basics,” much of which have been cast aside in modern education. It is our belief that to use knowledge wisely, students must be grounded in “basic” values and morals in order to function in society ethically. To that end, our resources foster strong thinking skills, encourage students to think for themselves and think critically, and make godly decisions based on this firm foundation.


The Sower Series of biographies were added to give children real-life examples of godly men and women who exemplified this vision.  We sought out quality fiction series to develop reading skills and comprehension with age-appropriate chapter books. These adventure stories spark the imagination and creatively let readers glimpse how children like them apply the values they’ve learned – or what happens when they don’t!


Through the years Mott Media has been faithful to George Mott's vision of publishing the Classic Curriculum textbooks in editions that are as close to the original versions as possible. In their republication, Mott Media has stayed true to the spirit of the original McGuffey Readers. No major content changes were made. The Readers are presented in a more readable form; slight changes were made for the sake of clarification. The stories, poems, and pictures appear as they did in the first edition. The content of this series will help you develop outstanding reading skills, Christ-centered character, a love for good literature, and impressive speaking abilities. You will find the Mott Media McGuffey Readers to be valuable teaching tools whether they are used in public schools, Christian schools, or for those who choose to teach their children at home.


The texts come from America's golden age of education and reform. They educated over 120 million children over four generations. Out of this golden age came great thinkers and developers such as Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, the Wright Brothers, and many more who brought us the technology and advancements of the 20th century.


The unique aspect of the Classic Curriculum is its complete flexibility. These books and answer keys can be used with or without the workbooks. This flexibility is particularly helpful to schools on limited budgets or home schools with more than one student.


The learning procedure includes a self-instructional format, continuous progress academics, graded vocabulary, and motivating activities. The emphasis is on the Three R's, thinking skills, and moral content in all curriculum that results in high productivity in the work force, national pride and loyalty, and great spiritual revival. These books retain the Christian values, which made our nation great. Other, later editions of the McGuffey Readers have omitted biblical and evangelical content; God has been pushed out. When God is pushed out, humanism fills the void. These textbooks are an answer for people concerned about humanism in education today. The Classic Curriculum may be just what you need!


To this group of highly successful teaching materials we have added the Sower Series biographies. Each book in this well respected series shows how these individuals have been used to sow the seeds of God's word throughout their lives. The Sower Series biographies offer children a chance to experience the Christ-inspired pathways followed by some heroic men and women. Their impact on our lives as well as a great deal of factual information is skillfully presented to the child within the framework of interest-holding stories. Among the many outstanding writers of this series are authors such as John Hudson Tiner, Charles Ludwig, and David Collins.
The Sower Series biographies have established their appeal with a wide range of readers. Parents write in to say how much they have enjoyed the books while reading aloud to their children. Children seek out additional titles in this series once they have read their first “Sower” book.
Mott Media publishes many books written by the late Dr. Ruth Beechick. Her final book, World History Made Simple, using the Bible and it’s timeline as the basis for the study, the main events of history are brought together in a meaningful way. The confusion of dating and time periods is sorted out as the flow of history is readily seen in this resource.

The other Mott Media books by Dr. Beechick include: Heart & Mind, You Can Teach Your Child Successfully, The Three R's, The Language Wars, Genesis: Finding Our Roots, Adam and His Kin: The Lost History of Their Lives and Times, The Cabin and the Ice Palace, and Dr. Beechick's Homeschool Answer Book.
Another author, Lori Coeman, has done extensive work in learning and teaching styles. Her book How to Teach So They Can Learn is a practical, easy-to-understand primer on learning styles that helps parents understand how their children learn and how to recognize all the elements of a learning profile. Lori also has other books that support this resource. She is co-authoring the Ray’s for Today Arithmetic series.
Over the years our mission has been, and will remain, the production of sound Christ-based materials. We hope you will welcome our materials into your home.