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Dive deeper into the lives of some of the most impactful women in American/British history. Discover how women like Susanna Welsey and Abigail Adams overcame tremendous odds in order to influence the culture and give rise to the development of The United States, while women like Teresa of Calcutta, Florence Nightingale, and Mahalia Jackson expanded on these accomplishments in order to better society and defend freedom. 

This collection includes a biography of Abigail Adams, Susana Wesley, Florence Nightingale, Mahalia Jackson, and Teresa of Calcutta. Each biography presents a more personal examination of the lives of these American servants, highlighting their faith, character, and achievements. These biographies are perfect for grade school students as they present important historical information in story form. Thousands of readers have praised this series over the years for its historical accuracy and engaging storylines. Now you can get five of these titles for a fraction of the cost!

Influential Women Collection

SKU: 9780880620208
$48.99 Regular Price
$44.09Sale Price
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