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Based on Ray's New Intellectual Arithmetic this series is recommended for Grade 3.  Topics include: addition symbols; addition table; addition problems; subtraction symbols, table, and problems; multiplication symbols, table, and problems; division symbols, table, and problems; fractions (halves, thirds, fourths, etc.); writing and reading fractions; proper and improper fractions; mixed numbers; finding a fractional part; story problems; lowest terms; higher terms; common denominator; and least common denominator. Uses Ray's Intellectual Arithmetic. The Key to the Primary, Intellectual, and Practical is also recommended. The Parent-Teacher Guide is optional.

Dr. Moore wrote these workbooks expressly for use with the Ray’s Arithmetic Series. They are available for grades one through four, with four books for each grade level. They provide clear daily lessons, regular reviews, quizzes, and a pull out section containing a comprehensive test of mastery for that workbook as well as answers for all assignments, quizzes and tests. The general format provides a new lesson on each day, Monday through Thursday, and a test on these concepts on Friday. There are also periodic, multi-concept reviews and tests plus a final test for the entire workbook. As mentioned above, each workbook is designed to be completed in 1/4 of the school year. Although students vary in ability and background, the Series number indicates the suggested grade level while the Book number indicates the 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th quarter of the year. Except for a few of the grade 1 workbooks which teach “beginning basics,” each workbook is keyed to one of the Ray’s textbooks. As a child proceeds through the workbooks he/she is referred to the appropriate lesson or exercise in the various texts. While some parents and teachers prefer to personally shepherd their students through the Ray’s Arithmetic textbooks, many prefer the guidance offered by our workbooks.

Ray's Intellectual Arithmetic Workbook Series 3 Book 1

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