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The main learning objectives for the sixth level of Ray’s for Today are to:

  • master recognizing and working with numbers and place values through trillions
  • master the math facts and all four arithmetic operations with whole numbers
  • be proficient at unit conversions in measurement and time
  • be proficient at all four arithmetic operations with fractions and decimals
  • be proficient with percent concepts and finding the percent of a number
  • be proficient at recognizing the relationships between fractions, decimals and percentages, and converting between the three formats for rational numbers
  • be proficient at solving problems based on A = B of C.
  • be proficient at powers of ten
  • practice working with integers
  • practice working with ratios
  • introduce cancellation
  • introduce exponents

RAY'S for TODAY ARITHMETIC - LEVEL 6 - Instructor's Manual

SKU: 0880623039
  • ISBN-10: 0-88062-303-9

    ISBN-13: 978-0-88062-303-2
    Format: Looseleaf Packet; 3-Hole Punched

    Pages: 477
    Author: by Lori Coeman and Joyce Bohn

    Age: 11 and 12
    Topic: Arithmetic

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