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*Each item labeled as "imperfect" may contain minor scuffs and scratches that in no way affect the use of the product.


This supplemental resource adds a musical element to teaching phonics.  It is a teaching tool to help children learn to identify letters and their sounds.  It has been used in the home, in preschool and primary levels, in remedial reading, in speech therapy, and for teacher preparation at the college level.  Delightful, catchy melodies teach each letter of the alphabet and the most important digraphs--ch, sh, th, and wh.

The songs are presented in alphabetical order, but they can be used in any sequence.  The songs printed in the song book are available in CD form. This is particularly useful for parents who do not play a musical instrument or who would like to work with their child while driving.  All the songs are simple, mainly two stanzas, in easy to sing or play melodies.  Each lesson shows the child what the letter featured in the lesson looks like, prints the sheet music and lyrics of a simple song which uses the letter, includes appropriate illustrations, and when necessary includes written directions for the teacher.

Leon Metcalf’s philosophy is based on the premise that since reading is the most important single academic item in education, learning to read must never cause a child to be pressured, harassed, humiliated, browbeaten or punished. Learning to read should be a glorious, stimulating, happy time of discovery.

Phonics in Song Book

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