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Series III workbooks are keyed to the McGuffey First Reader, and to the Spencerian Penmanship Theory and Copybooks. They include: proper nouns and joining words; kinds of sentences; cursive letters; word usage; cursive letters; limiting words and describing words; acting words, number and time; writing stories; letter writing; subject and predicate; titles of respect; writing a poem; proper nouns and adjectives; contractions; writing an invitation; writing scriptures; writing a paragraph; regular verbs; irregular verbs; abbreviations; future tense; quotations; possessive pronouns; finding information; writing answers; and making sentence parts agree. Uses McGuffey's First Reader and the Spencerian Penmanship series (sold separately). The Classic Curriculum Writing workbooks were developed to provide additional worksheets for the McGuffey Readers. They are available for first through fourth grade, with four books for each grade level. They provide clear daily lessons, regular reviews, quizzes, and a pull-out section containing a comprehensive test of mastery for each workbook. Answers are provided. The general format provides a new lesson Monday through Thursday, with a test on Friday. There are also periodic, multi-concept tests. Each workbook is designed to be completed in one quarter of a school year. As the students proceed through the workbooks, they are referred to the appropriate readings, lessons, or exercises in the McGuffey Readers.The Classic Curriculum workbooks are designed to supplement the original version of the McGuffey Readers that are published only through Mott Media. Later versions of the McGuffey Readers are not the original text and the pages and lessons may not correspond to the references in the workbooks. This particular series is also designed for use with the Spencerian Penmanship series and Harvey’s English Series.

McGuffey's Writing Workbook Series 3 Book 3

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