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These black-and-white workbooks are designed to provide additional practice sheets for the McGuffey Readers. They include: listening for understanding; talking to a group; correct verb usage; oral reports; words and word parts; listening for information; listening for animal sounds; classifying animals; telling stories; review of sounds of vowels, consonants and blends; implied meanings; explanations; figures of speech; review of synonyms, antonyms, homonyms, comparison-contrast, cause-effect, syllable-accents, related details, and main ideas; predicted out-comes; discussion; sharing an interesting experience; recognizing relationships; drawing conclusions; the special sounds of a, o and u; evaluation; expression in reading; mixed digraphs; outcomes anticipated; expression in story telling; pronunciation, enunciation; vocal volume and tone; and other phonograms.Uses McGuffey's First Reader, Progressive Speller, and Phonics Made Plain (sold separately).

Dr. Moore expressly wrote these workbooks for use with the McGuffey Readers and other specific materials published by Mott Media. They are available for grades one through four, with four books for each grade level. They provide clear daily lessons, regular reviews, quizzes, and a pull-out section containing a comprehensive test of mastery for the workbook. Answers for all assignments, quizzes, and tests are included. The general format provides a new lesson Monday through Thursday, with a test on these concepts on Friday. There are also periodic, multi-concept tests and a final test on all material presented in the workbook. Each workbook is designed to be completed in ¼ of the school year. Although students vary in ability and background, the Series number indicates the suggested grade level while the Book number indicates the quarter. Each workbook is keyed to one of the McGuffey Readers. As a child proceeds through the workbooks he/she is referred to the appropriate readings, lessons or exercises in the various texts. While some parents and teachers prefer to personally shepherd the progress of their students through the readers, others choose the guidance offered by our workbooks. The Classic Curriculum workbooks are designed to supplement the original version of the McGuffey Readers that are published only through Mott Media. Later versions of the McGuffey Readers are not the original text and the pages and lessons may not correspond to the references in the workbooks.

McGuffey Reading Workbook Series 4 Book 3

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