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*Each item labeled "Imperfect" may contain minor scuffs and scratches that in no way affect the use of the product. 


Looking for a refreshing and easy route to good writing? You'll find it here—the meaning approach. This common sense approach speaks clearly to writers from young teens to adults. Read and use the insights as you see fit in your own writing. There are no boring drills and assignments.
  • How to link sentences to keep the readers with you.
  • How following the story thread is better than "encyclopedia" fact writing.
  • How to solve most comma problems without grammar rules.
  • How to write with verbs instead of nouns to perk up your prose.
  • Numerous other techniques that make sense.
This book contrasts with much of today's teaching on how to write, which is ineffective and deadening to students. Here we explain the historical roots of that old system so you can confidently move to the meaning system. A bonus chapter gives a history of how English language came to us.

How to Write Clearly: The Meaning Approach (Imperfect Condition)

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