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A professional baseball player, Sunday's enthusiasm for sports carried through to his religion when he became an itinerant Bible preacher and teacher


Home Run to Heaven
The White Sox were leading in the ninth with two men already out. The crack as bat met ball could be heard across the entire field. Watching the ball rise, Bill knew it was far over his head, but still he ran. The bleachers, filled beyond capacity, had spilled many of their spectators over into the field. With an eye still on the ball and the crowd parting before him like the Red Sea before Moses, Billy was sure that the ball would go over the fence. Jumping over a bench someone had hauled onto the field, Bill stopped where he thought the ball would come down.
But he had guessed short. It was still going over his head. He jumped as high as he could, shoved his left hand out as far as it could go, and felt the thud as the ball hit his glove. The momentum carried him to the ground, but somehow he held onto the ball.
After the game the other players were on him, pummeling him and cheering him all the way to the clubroom. "Thanks, fellows," said Billy, "but it wasn't just me out there this afternoon. It wasn't just Billy who caught that ball; it was Billy and God."
A pro ballplayer who was also a Christian? No one ever heard of such a thing! But Billy didn't care. Whatever Billy did, he did with total enthusiasm - playing ball and telling people about Jesus.
The first record Billy set in the major leagues was one for the most consecutive strikeouts - thirteen his first thirteen times up to bat. His speed when he finally did start hitting, however, was hard to believe.


The Sowers Series Biographies offer children a chance to experience the Christ-inspired pathways followed by some heroic men and women. Their impact on our lives as well as a great deal of factual information is skillfully presented to the child within the framework of an interest-holding story.

BILLY SUNDAY by Robert Allen

SKU: 0880621958
  • ISBN-10: 0880621958
    ISBN-13: 9780880621953
    Format: Audio Book
    Author: Robert Allen
    Age: 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, adult

    Grade: 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th
    Topic: Biography, Reading, History, Sports, Evangelists

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