McGuffey Readers
The original McGuffey Eclectic Readers are world renowned for their teaching of reading through the integration of faith with learning.
Ray's Arithmetic
Each textbook in the classic Ray’s New Arithmetic series teaches arithmetic in an orderly fashion in a leveled approach.
Ray's for Today Arithmetic
Arithmetic text books for today's students based on the original Ray's Arithmetic series.
Spencerian Penmanship
Having legible handwriting is not obsolete. The Spencerian form of penmanship is a highly-regarded and beautiful form of cursive writing.
Ruth Beechick Books
Known for her down-to-earth practical advice in educating children, Dr. Beechick was a prolific writer driven by her passion for God’s Word and helping others.
Learning Styles
This practical, easy-to-understand primer on learning styles helps parents understand how their children learn and recognize all the elements of a learning profile.
Sower Series Biographies
Biographies of real-life role models of heroic Christian men and women. For children ages 9-14.
Sower Series - AudioBooks
Biographies of real-life role models of heroic Christian men and women. For children ages 9-14. Audio Books are on CD.
Adventures of the Northwoods
by Lois Walfrid Johnson
Best-selling novels set in the early 1900's, these compelling, historically accurate stories attract reluctant, average, and gifted readers.
D.J. Dillon Adventure Series
by Lee Roddy
Adventure, mystery and excitement repeatedly thrust 13-year-old D.J. Dillon into the kinds of trouble that young readers love.
Ladd Family Adventure Series
by Lee Roddy
When a stranger approaches 12-year old Josh Ladd to ask suspicious questions, the small incident turns into major danger during a Hawaiian adventure.
Mott Media publishes many phonics books and helps; The ABC's and All Their Tricks, Phonics In Song CD, Phonics Made Plain, and Mrs. Silver's Phonics.
Harvey's Grammar
These compact volumes cannot be matched for the thoroughness with which they treat every aspect of English grammar.
Classic Curriculum Workbooks
We are proud to offer a complete line of workbooks for grades 1-4 written by Dr. Rudy Moore expressly for use with the textbooks described in this web site.
History & Government
Under God includes sound ideas about the foundations of constitutional government and the historical background of United States government.
An old classic. One thousand frequently used words are arranged according to grade levels so that you can test any pupil and determine his or her level of spelling.
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