Sower Series Grade Level Set - Grade 7

Sower Series Grade Level Set – Grade 7

  • George Frederic Handel – Baroque composer best known for the Messiah
  • Robert E. Lee – leader of the Confederate armies during the American Civil War
  • David Livingstone – physician and pioneering Christian missionary in Africa
  • Samuel Morse – American painter & inventor of the Morse Code
  • Louis Pasteur – French biologist and chemist who discovered breakthroughs in the causes and prevention of diseases
  • George Washington – Revolutionary general and first president of the United States
  • Daniel Webster – American senator, statesman, and orator, a powerful defender of the American nation and union
  • Noah Webster – American lexicographer, author, editor, and textbook pioneer


The Sower Series contains biographical chapter books designed to develop intermediate reading skills. The inspiring stories are meant to show how God works through each person’s design and circumstances to build character and impact the world—at the stage when readers are coming into their own identity and faith.

Sower Series Grade Level Set - Grade 7

  • Format: set of 8 paperback books
    Page Count: 115-180
    Author: various
    Age: 12, 13
    Grade: 7th
    Topic: Biographies, Reading, Chapter Books

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