Our Authors

Dr. Ruth Beechick

Known for her down-to-earth practical advice in educating children, Dr. Beechick was a prolific writer driven by her passion for God’s Word and helping others. Drawing from her many years of experience in teaching in varied situations and writing curriculum, she had a knack for sharing insights in plain language that anyone could understand. Whether writing about language and thinking, the 3 R’s, how to teach, Bible studies, or historical fiction, her books always encourage as they highlight simple truths.

Lois Walfrid Johnson

"I've always loved to read, and I want you to have the same fun. That's why I write mystery and adventure stories and put something exciting at the end of every chapter. Among these books are my best-selling Adventures of the Northwoods novels, which are set in the early 1900's in Minneapolis, Duluth, northwest Wisconsin, and upper Michigan."

Lee Roddy

Best-selling author Lee Roddy has written 50 published novels and 15 nonfiction books with sales in the millions of copies. His credits include Grizzly Adams, which became a prime-time television series; The Lincoln Conspiracy, which made The New York Times best-seller list; Jesus, now a film in more than 500 languages; and four series of character-development novels for young adults and readers ages 8-12.

Lori Coeman

Lori’s passion is helping families and organizations fulfill their God-given purposes and calling. Trained in communications, journalism, research, and management, her books draw from personal experiences in homeschooling her twins, teaching small groups, and consulting with churches and para-church organizations. Her goal is to guide and equip others with practical, biblically-based educational resources.

Joyce Bohn

Armed with a unique inter-disciplinary Ph.B. (Bachelor of Philosophy) degree, Joyce entered the fields of science and math long before it was popular for women to do so. Having taught in inner-city, private, and public school settings, she gained a breadth of experience in how to present topics in such a way that students see how to do a skill and why it works.

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