Sower Series Biographies

(Also available in audio books on CDs)

The Sower Series biographies offer children a chance to experience the Christ-inspired pathways followed by some heroic men and women. Their impact on our lives, as well as a great deal of factual information, is skillfully presented to the child within the framework of an interest-holding story.

Over the years, The Sower Series biographies have established their appeal with a wide range of readers. Parents write in to say how much they enjoyed the books while reading them aloud to their children. Thus it is difficult to assign a given book to a particular grade level. We feel that the following arrangement is sound especially when The Sower Series biographies are being used for book reports or other school related projects.

------- Author List -------

Robert Allen

David Collins

Charles Ludwig

Lee Roddy

D. Jeanene Watson

Norma Cournow Camp

Marguerite Fitch

Bennie Rhodes

John Hudson Tiner

Evelyn Witter

------- Grade Level Guide -------

5th Grade - Christopher Columbus, Billy Sunday, Mahalia Jackson, Teresa of Calcutta, and The Wright Brothers
6th Grade - Abigail Adams, Johnny Appleseed, George Washington Carver, Francis Scott Key, Abraham Lincoln, and Florence Nightingale
7th Grade - George Friderich Handel, Robert E. Lee, Samuel Morse, Samuel Smith, George Washington, Susanna Wesley, Daniel Webster
8th Grade - Johannes Kepler, Issac Newton, Louis Pasteur, Stonewall Jackson, Robert Boyle, William Jennings Bryan, Jason Lee, and Noah Webster

Sower Series Biographies - Paperback

Books are listed in alphabetical order by last name.