Spencerian Penmanship

In the mid-1800's, the Spencerian form of

penmanship became a standard. An elegant

handwriting was much prized. Today, in our

computer age, a fine, beautiful, and legible

handwriting brings a warm personal touch to our correspondence. These books, 5 copybooks and a theory book (available separately or as a set), may be used to introduce cursive writing to second or third graders or to improve the handwriting of older students or adults.


Theory of Spencerian Penmanship

By Platt R. Spencer. This book explains how all the letters can be made gracefully and rapidly using various combinations of a few basic pen strokes. It explains Spencer's philosophy of teaching principles which engage the mind as well as the hand. It also details his methods for teaching classes of children. One of these is having the children write rhythmically, in concert, as the teacher counts. The power of this method is being rediscovered today.


Spencerian Penmanship