Ray's Arithmetic

What Arithmetic Teachers have said about Ray's:

"Rediscovering Ray's is the best
thing that's happened to arithmetic
in a hundred years."

"These books produce
superior math students."

  "Using Ray's this year
has definitely improved
the achievement test
scores in our schools."

  "They are psychologically
right in starting with
concrete and mental arithmetic
before introducing symbols."

  "Their use of story problems
develops thinking right
from the start."

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Due to the rising costs of producing hardbound books we have switched the Ray's New Intellectual Arithmetic Series over to Paperback.

This will allow us to not have to raise our prices.


Mott Media's

Ray's Arithmetic Books
contain the

Original Woodcut Artwork.

It's Time for the Classics Again!

Ray's Arithmetics teach arithmetic in an orderly fashion, starting from rules and principles, building knowledge piece by piece, ans leading pupils from the simple to complex. From the very first pages, Ray's Arithmetics incorporate what has become the scourge of today's math students - story problems. Students must READ simple sentences which pose real life problems, decide whether to add, subtract, multiply or divide, and finally arrive at the answer - sometimes mentally - sometimes in writing.
Ray's Arithmetics students learn arithmetic, increase their reading comprehension skills, and learn to think rather than plod through page after page of addition or subtraction problems with minimal direction at the top of each page. A student raised on Ray's will not even know he should be fearful of "story problems" because from day one every problem is posed in a sentence format.
Most early work is to be done with real objects such as fruit, counting blocks, or marbles. Later it is to be done in the head with mental images of the objects. When children are ready to think symbolically, they gradually drop their use of objects and images and learn to compute quickly with digits. Thus the child is carefully led through three growth states in arithmetic: 1) the manipulative stage, 2) the mental image stage, 3) the abstract stage.
Over 120 million copies were sold in American education's golden age. Many millions of children used these Arithmetics in the generations that produced Edison, Bell, and Ford. Now it's your turn.


Mott Media has republished the version of Ray's Arithmetic
from the late 1870's and early 1880's!

Ray's Arithmetic books are available individually or in an eight volume set which includes the Parent-Teacher Guide for Ray's New Arithmetic.