The Ladd Family Adventure Series

by Lee Roddy

"A shoe with a 3.5 inch cork sole made a writer out of me," says bestselling author Lee Roddy. "I was born sick and handicapped. Poor health prevented me from leading a normal boy's life for ten years. During my confinement, I became an avid reader. Fortunately, surgeries corrected my problems...but I remained a reader for life!"


At the age of 20, Lee moved to California to pursue a writing career. His career included being a staff writer for NBC, ABC, and CBS, writing radio dramas. Besides his children’s books, he also has two series for young adults that offer exciting stories from historical America, and two books on how to write novels and short stories. These days Lee focuses on his life with his wife, children, grandchildren, his work, and his church.


Mott Media is pleased to publish Lee Roddy's "The Ladd Family Adventure Series"

Twelve-year-old Josh Ladd longs to see his best friend who moved to Hawaii. On the way home from his California school a stranger approaches Josh to ask suspicious questions. This small incident turns into major danger when Josh and his family fly to Hawaii and the mysterious stranger follows them. The friends are thrust into all kinds of high adventure and danger throughout the 15-book series.