Classic Curriculum Workbooks - Levels 1 through 4

written expressly for Mott Media's republications of
McGuffey's Readers and Ray's Arithmetic

by Dr. Rudy Moore

We are proud to offer a complete line of workbooks for grades 1-4 written by Dr. Rudy Moore expressly for use with the textbooks described in this web site. Available for Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic, four booklets per grade per subject, they provide clear daily lessons, regular reviews, quizzes, and a pull out section containing a comprehensive test of mastery for that workbook as well as answers for all assignments, quizzes and tests.


Except for a few of the grade 1 workbooks which teach "beginning basics," each workbook is keyed to a particular Classic Curriculum textbooks. As a child proceeds through the workbooks he/she is referred to the appropriate readings, lessons or exercises in the various texts. While some parents and teachers prefer to personally shepherd the progress of their students through the textbooks, many prefer the guidance offered by our workbooks.

Classic Curriculum - Arithmetic Workbooks
written for Mott Media's Ray's Arithmetic

Classic Curriculum - Reading Workbooks
written for Mott Media's McGuffey Readers